eldr.ai | Overview

eldr makes AI easy, accessible and usable in any process

ELDR AI has been created by Fennaio to allow Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to be easily created, utilised, managed and integrated by anyone for any process, operation or system where accurate and rapid decisions, predictions, recommendations, profiling, forecasts and insights can add value.

Anyone can use eldr AI - no programming knowledge required

Whether you know nothing about AI, Software Development or Programming, or you're a seasoned Data Scientist, Software Engineer or AI/Machine Learning guru, ELDR AI will streamline the entire process for you and make it incredibly easy - all through a user-friendly web interface that can be accessed on any device, from anywhere.

You can use ELDR AI as a standalone tool as part of your current software suite through a web browser, and/or fully integrate it with your existing systems via a simple API.

ELDR AI uses dynamic powerful Artificial Neural Networks to learn from. It learns from the data you provide it - e.g. you may have Customer, User, Financial, Criminal, Engineering, Process, Product, Patient, Sports, Pathway, Investigation etc. data that you want to get predictions, recommendations and insights from.

What you can achieve with ELDR

With ELDR AI you can rapidly (within 2 minutes) create and integrate AI Models for use in tasks like big data intelligence, customer churn, customer next step prediction, product recommendations, pathway optimisation, know your customer (KYC), anomaly detection, fraud detection, natural language processing, behavioural/customer/patient/criminal/staff profiling, real time response, accurate decision making, diagnosis, scientific analysis, criminal investigations, diagnosis, financial forecasting, data mining...amongst many more.

Providing Data to ELDR AI

Data can be provided to ELDR AI in three ways: (1) CSV, (2) API/HTTPS/JSON or (3)Text and is structured in a simplified/standardised format that anyone can understand.

ELDR AI Models

ELDR AI passes your data into a AI Model made up of an Artificial Neural Network (ANN). ELDR AI Models can be used with or without any prior knowledge - you can use the defaults if you're new to AI, or if you're experienced with ANNs there are dozens of parameters (e.g. layer depth and width) and hyper-parameters (e.g.learning rate and momentum) meaning you can create ANNs of unlimited size and capability.

ELDR AI Learning/Training

During a process called Training, ELDR AI works out all the links and relationships within and between your data - spotting pathways, patterns and trends that would be near-impossible for traditional approaches to do in the same time frame.

During Training, real time graphical outputs are provided by ELDR AI for monitoring and optimisation.

ELDR AI Predictions

Following Training, ELDR AI is primed to make accurate predictions, give recommendations and provide insights.

You can Ask ELDR directly via a web-based form, via API, URL, CSV, Text or visualise it through charts.